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    Academy of musical theatre

    The Academy of Musical Theatre is an independently owned performing arts school for children aged 3 to 18 years old. At AMT we deliver dance and performance arts training whilst building confidence and life skills in a fun environment. The Academy of Musical Theatre is perfect for initial training for a future career in the arts or just for fun. Not interested in singing and dancing, just want to do drama?

    Musical Theatre Performance

    Well we run drama sessions on a Friday evening for ages 9 to 18 years separated into two age groups. Find out more. We run beginner ballet classes for children aged 3 to 6 years every Saturday during term time. We're all about musical theatre here at AMT. Find out about our classes for children aged between 3 and 18 years. Summer Term. We are currently closed due to the Covid pandemic.

    Current students can keep in touch via our closed Facebook group or by email. Unsure of when our term dates are? Or when show rehearsals or the half term break is? Then have a look at our AMT Calendar. Thoroughly Modern Millie Jr. Cats Friday Actors Class Not interested in singing and dancing, just want to do drama? Little Ones Ballet We run beginner ballet classes for children aged 3 to 6 years every Saturday during term time.

    Calendar Unsure of when our term dates are?Musical Theatre School. The first semester begins with foundational exercises to train the actor's reflexes toward behavioral truth within imaginary circumstances. Once this layer of work has been established, the students begin to apply themselves to scripted text. Building upon the use of repetition and related activities, the class will explore techniques for deeper emotional commitment and more fully realized immersion in the given circumstances.

    Students will learn how to craft specific character based relationships based on the text and on the behavioral choices of their acting partner.

    Audition Technique The study of musical and non-musical based audition techniques aimed at mastering monologues, cold readings, sides, and all peripheral elements that contribute to a successful audition. Included in the class with be a unit of work focused on professional preparation and the business of acting covering topics related to casting, audition prep, head shots and resumes, personal style, awareness of type, and current trends in the profession.

    Song Interpretation This course introduces students to the techniques and comprehensive disciplines required for interpreting the various styles of the musical theatre canon. It is designed to provide exposure to the script, score and artistic analysis necessary for successful interpretation of the song. Students will concentrate on safe and effective ways to sing songs from various periods of musical theatre, ranging from the distant past to present day.

    Ballet I This class provides a highly disciplined and developmentally appropriate sequence of ballet training. In class training focuses upon building strength, flexibility, musicality, and coordination.

    Ballet II This class provides a more advanced level of ballet training. In class training builds upon the work of the first semester with continued emphasis on strength, flexibility, musicality, and coordination. This class will review and expand upon the French terminology and introduce some Russian terms as well. There will be opportunities to learn about the history of dance, current trends, and masters of the art form. Dance audition technique will be introduced and appropriate performance opportunities will be provided.

    Ballroom Dance Ballroom dance is the art of partnering. In this course, students will study no less than two standard dance forms selected from but not limited to the following: Fox Trot, Swing, Tango, Waltz, Quick Step, Salsa. Ballroom dance helps actors to develop confidence, stage presence, and increases their physical, emotional and rhythmic sensitivity. Many of the requisite skills can be applied directly to scene work and quality acting.

    In this course, each dancer will lead as well as follow. Class is aimed at increasing strength, flexibility, endurance, and the ability to learn and retain choreography. In additional to practical application of technique in class, students will also be introduced to the history and the major choreographers of Jazz and Musical Theatre Dance. More advanced work is incorporated including greater challenges in the warm up, across the floor work, centering, and combinations.

    An emphasis this semester is placed upon audition decorum, preparation, and conduct; incorporating mini-auditions and call backs. Students are guided to employ the acting and storytelling elements of dance Comedy This course is designed to help students identify their own brand of humor and to guide the discoveries made in class to the comic demands within the art of musical theatre.

    The class will also expose the students to the various types of comedy that exist, further helping the student to find ways to comically engage with a wide array of material. History of Musical Theatre This course teaches students to identify prominent figures in both early and modern theatre; including composers, lyricists, performers, directors, choreographers, and producers.

    Students study the effects of the great historical events and trends that affected the art form from turn of the last century to today. Improvisation Students will explore the fundamental principles of improvisation and how it enhances and applies to all of their performance work. Working in pairs and groups, the students will create improvised scenes and environments, explore character, learn to trust instincts, and practice making honest, fully committed choices.

    With the introduction of music and lyrical components, students will apply all the same principles, but with an emphasis on genre, ensemble support, and fully invested song improvisation. Performance Lab I This is a performance-based class that approaches musical theater the same way an actor explores text in a play. During the course, each student will develop necessary skills to thoughtfully investigate material in order to combine organic choices in movement, acting and singing.

    Students will explore the fundamentals of text analysis and research in order to provide intentions, stakes and conflict for each character in a variety of contrasting musical theater genres.

    Performance Lab II This class is a playground to gain confidence in performance and solidify the process of character development and analysis learned in Performance Lab I. The foundation of work in the class will originate from the interpretive choices, given circumstances, and style of the chosen material.Get Tickets.

    Facebook Twitter. For the health and safety of our staff, artists and community, all programming has been suspended through May.

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    For more information please click here to visit our detailed page on our response to COVID Today and every day, the Academy of Music Theatre is committed to supporting our community and taking actions toward increased racial equity and inclusion. We support our Black community, partners, collaborators, artists, promoters and fellow citizens who are speaking out against racism.

    We hope that together we can achieve a deeper understanding of racism and its impacts, and create a better, stronger and more just world. We need to listen more. We need to do more to uproot racism. The arts have always been an agent for change and protest with the ability to shine the light on injustice. In the months ahead, we will take action by adding voices for change to our stage, to our programs, and in our institutional policies.

    I mean, really, no fear. Get Tickets More Information.In the Musical Theatre Department, students master storytelling in three different disciplines: voice, dance, and acting.

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    While many graduates of The Academy attend highly regarded BFA conservatory programs in musical theatre or acting, others choose to pursue their training in academic BA programs at liberal arts colleges. Musical Theatre students are taught by Chicago professionals, working out in the city on their own art as they impart wisdom to students based on their own professional training and experience. For Musical Theatre students, performance is a key part of learning, and students have ample opportunity for it.

    The Department produces four to five mainstage shows per year, including two musical productions, and several plays as part of the Shakespeare Festival collaboration with the Theatre Department. Outside of performances, freshman and sophomore students focus their studies on the work of Shakespeare and Thornton Wilder, while juniors concentrate on Oscar Wilde and Tennessee Williams. Seniors begin to study the work of Anton Chekhov.

    The Department also produces works to be performed out in the community. Musical Theatre is comprised of three disciplines: dance, music, and theatre. The Musical Theatre audition includes participation in a dance class, song repertoire, acting requirement and an interview with department faculty.

    Congratulations to the Class of ! Highlights from King Lear at the Shakespeare Festival. Chicago Ave development across the street from The Academy.

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    Patricia Rusk, musical director, pianist, arranger, and coach for both musical theatre and cabaret, has been performing professionally since age thirteen and teaching since age sixteen. Patricia Rusk has been an integral part of The Academy since Emily is a seasoned professional with multiple years of teaching experience at the Denver Center Theatre Academy.

    Acting focuses on building the skills for storytelling that an actor will bring to a text, but it also gives the student an experience of applying those skills to a specific period style of material. Each year, students work with both contemporary and period styles of material with a focus on each for a semester. A key component of this class is building a keen sense of ensemble and partnership with fellow actors.

    Different classes may focus on different elements of acting performance, like movement, voice, and text. Freshmen students take "Introduction to Acting". Sophomores and juniors are split between "Intermediate Acting" and "Advanced Acting".

    academy of musical theatre

    Seniors take "Advanced Acting". Students will study both classical and musical theatre repertoire—including the songs that they are assigned in Studio. Theory is taught both in isolation and in integration with our daily study. Our musical theatre program is one of the only in the country where our students study dance in the dance department, and we relish the privilege to do so.

    Freshmen and sophomores will take Ballet, Jazz, and Modern class, and all students will be placed in dance class during the first week of classes. Additionally, our students take a weekly Musical Theatre Dance Repertoire class where they learn classic Musical Theatre dances from great choreographers like Jerome Robbins and Bob Fosse.

    Musical Theatre Studio class is the centerpiece of our department's curriculum and the place where students will bring together not only the skills they are working in acting, dance, and voice class, but also where they build their content knowledge and understanding of the art form overall.

    It is essential for our students to gain a thorough understanding of the history of the art form: the shows, the creative teams, and the way that the genre was shaped by each historical era. Freshmen students take "Musical Theatre Studio I". Seniors participate in "Senior Study" which incorporates elements of each.

    academy of musical theatre

    Art Matters Gala. Summer Program. Saturday Program. Musical Theatre In the Musical Theatre Department, students master storytelling in three different disciplines: voice, dance, and acting.The Musical Theatre Performance Studio is a four-week professional-level training program for college students as well as advanced high school juniors and seniors.

    This immersive program offers musical theatre students a unique opportunity to:. Our faculty artists are all currently faculty at top musical theatre programs who also have extensive Broadway, national tour, and regional theatre experience. As educators, they bring passion to the training process and are committed to helping each student cultivate their unique strengths and develop performance skills.

    Beyond ample performance opportunities, students receive individual coachings and participate in master classes, seminars and forums that address both artistic and business strategies for building a life in the industry.

    Offering a full schedule of cultural and recreational opportunities, whether walking along the romantic canals of Venice, or visiting the historic Arena di Verona, to hiking and water canyoning in the Dolomites — The Trentino Music Festival promises to provide lifelong memories. Videos must be unlocked for viewing and should include two vocal selections in the style of the musicals being performed, and a short monologue.

    Dancers should also include a dance routine. The application deadline is March 31, The Trentino Music Festival has a rolling audition process with limited enrollment.

    Early applications are encouraged for best results. Successful applicants will be notified within ten day of their audition. Once confirmed you will receive an acceptance package with pertinent information on the festival, payments, travel, housing, and basic information pertinent to your stay in Italy.

    Click the button below t o submit an application for the Musical Theatre Performance Studio. Apply Now! Limited space available. Early registration is recommended. Complete your online application today. This immersive program offers musical theatre students a unique opportunity to: Study under the guidance of Broadway professionals and noted academics. The intense yet supportive atmosphere, along with daily instruction, creates an environment that encourages growth and takes your skills to the next level.

    Perform in galas, concerts and fully-staged musical theatre productions before a European audience. Create lasting memories through travel to one of the most stunning corners of the world. Venice — Verona — Lake Garda and more!!! Hiking and Biking in the Dolomites. Cable car trip to Refugio di Tognola for breathtaking views.

    Cable car trip to Rifugio Rosetta located on one of the highest peaks in the Dolomites. Hiking trip to visit a cheese-making farm. A musical extravaganza! San Martino di Castrozza, the oldest skiing resort in the Alpine region. Water Canyoning in Val Noana with renowned Alpine guides. We have a rolling audition process with limited enrollment. Successful applicants will be notified within ten days of their audition.This course provides training and experience for students pursuing a passion and ambition as a triple threat in live performance.

    Students are challenged across a range of units of work that are assessed internally and externally across the two year course. A key element of this course is performing in front of an audience both as part of an ensemble and as a solo performer. Opportunities for live performance are abundant. Students complete units that provide solo and ensemble learning, including two live performances a year for a public audience.

    Students work towards one musical and one cabaret production each year, in addition to in lesson assessments. Students are challenged throughout the course to combine acting, singing and dancing to create an engaging and confident performance in conditions that prepare them for the rigours of professional work.

    With many Performing Arts students matriculating to Musical Theatre courses across the country, the Level 3 Extended Diploma provides students with a broad experience of styles, genres and techniques that reflect both a traditional and contemporary knowledge of the industry.

    This is a mix of theory work, focusing on how the voice works and practical application of that knowledge. Students learn to develop a repertoire and develop confidence in performing in front of an audience. This prepares students for audition calls and expectations within the Musical Theatre industry.

    Students prepare a final performance for a live audience, focusing on their skills and talents. Students learn to develop, deliver and refine choreography to prepare for live performance. Through the course students will perform multiple times. In year 1, students will be an ensemble in the school musical and then in Year 2 will have opportunities for principal roles.

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    Students will also perform in our annual Performing Arts showcase ' Limelight'. Students have opportunities to see live theatre.

    academy of musical theatre

    There are also opportunities to go on a residential trip to New York. Throughout the course there are opportunities for work shops with industry professionals.

    academy of musical theatre

    Musical Theatre Performance. Assessment: Vocal Techniques Music : Students learn key techniques in using their voice for performance, applying that knowledge to one solo and one ensemble song.

    Careers and Industry Connections: Through the course students will perform multiple times.Where every child deserves a chance to shine! Contact Us Scholarships Twinkle Stars. For over 30 years, Musical Theatre Academy of Orange County MTAOCa c 3 nonprofit group, has been providing the youth of our community an innovative performing arts education program that develops their future.

    Learn About Who we are. Each year MTA looks to its supporters and patrons to help us raise the funds needed to keep our valuable program growing.

    2-Year Hands-on Conservatory Musical Theatre Program

    Because of your support, MTA has been able to make a difference in the lives of our children. We have enrollment throughout the year for kids and teens. We always have updates on what classes and auditions are happening.

    Classes fill up fast so always check back. We hope you'll join us in one of our upcoming productions! Enroll Today. Let's Go Back Stage. Below is a sneak peak at how some of our production are produced and what our kids learn from the disciplines of the arts. Meet the Main Characters. Our Board, our Staff, and our Artistic Staff come background in the entertainment business. Your Children are getting the best training from the people in the industry.

    Artistic Staff. Board and Staff. Musical Theatre Academy of Orange County keeps you informed. Shows and Classes. Support MTA.


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